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Welcome to "THE PARANOIZE"

The Paranoize joined Handcuff Bookings !!!


Himself with a passion for electronic music of Hardcore style. He was particularly touched by influence of several rising Dj stars of the hardcore music in the years 2003-2004 and then decided to put himself behind the decks. Depending on a few means of his own, he develops his style.

In 2009, he puts a first step on the scene by performing for nightclub and festivals such as “Undertown”, “Rocking Chair Club” and the music fest. He appears on the prestigious scene of MOH (Masters of Hardcore) in summer 2010 at the “Florida” in Italy, wich turned out to be a turning point in his Dj carrier. After this, contracts are tied up and he appeared at the “Hardcore Italia” at the “Roxy Club” of Conthey as well as the “Take Off” for the new years in December 2010 in Roggwill. Olivier learns to juggle between studies and he graduates in 2011 as technician in mechatronics.

His passion takes on and is then enlightened when he decided to produce his first track with one of his close friends, Flavio Guerreschi.

In 2012, he participates in the creation of a groupe named NITRO RECORDS dedicated to organising parties in famous clubs to promote different live and productions. It is at the prstigious MOA CLUB in Genava that they make their first appearance. After an unexpected sucess, they earned their place as resident Djs.

In 2015, NITRO RECORDS ends after losing the contract with the nightclub. That is when Olivier makes the decision on concentrating more on music production. He continues in the same time to appearing on the Swiss scene.

In 2017, he signs for his first track with PHRENETIKAL RECORDS. During the same year, he signs for 2 other tracks with THIS IS FRENCHCORE RECORDS and further one other with MORTAL RECORDS, where he meets Adrien Orsino who will open many new doors for him in the future..

In 2018, Olivier continues to produce tracks for these different labels and even adds a string to his bow by signing 2 tracks with HARDNOISE RECORDS. End 2018, he released his first album with MORTAL RECORDS.

In 2019, he signs for another track with PHRENETIKAL RECORDS and 2 others with THIS IS FRENCHCORE RECORDS. He then got spotted by the prestigious dj LEM-X, who opens for him the doors of the HANDKCUF RECORDS. During this year he meet NIELOS and released 2 more title for FRENCHKICKZ RECORDS.

Starting 2020, he released an album for FRENCHKICKZ RECORDS. with many collaborations. Including : LEM-X, STROBCORE and many others.

Currently, he is working on his next release that are planned by SYMPHONIE OF CORE RECORDS, HANDKCUF RECORDS et FRENCHKICKZ RECORDS.

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